1976 SCMR 273




Constitution of Pakistan (1973) Articles 66, 68 & 69 —
Contempt of Court — Privilege of speech of members of National Assembly — Remarks derogatory of Supreme Court made by Respondents on floor of National Assembly expunged from proceedings of Assembly on motion of law Minister — Notice of contempt of Court to Respondents — Contentions that Court “has no jurisdiction to look into the efficacy of anything said on floor of the House”, that “whatever the naswering Respondent has said on the floor of the House is protected and immune from the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court” and that remarks having been expunged by National Assembly by a resolutioon cannot be looked into by any Court for action — First Respondent reiterating his apology, apology coinsidered sufficient and notice against him discharged — Second Respondent sticking to his defence but on adjourned date fixed for hearing on question of law involved in case tendering apology — Court being of view that second Respondent acted wisely in purging himself of contempt of Court of which both Respondents were undoubtely guilty discharging notice against him as well — Question of privilege claimed by Respondents under Articles 66 & 69, in view of apologies tendered by Respondents, however, left for decision in some future case. [1976 SCMR 273]

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