1989 ALD 524


Constitution of Pakistan (1973), Articles 18, 23 & 24 —
Customs Act (IV of 1969), Section 31-A — Validity of Section 31-A, Customs Act, 1969 on the touchstone of Fundamental Rights as embodied in Articles 18, 23 & 24 of the Constitution.

Constitution of Pakistan (1973) Article 70 —

Customs Act (IV of 1969), Section 31-A –Power of Legislature not to be affected by the pendency of a proceeding before a Coaurt or existence of a judgment — Validity of Section 31-A, Customs act cannot be questioned on the ground that it would nullify judgment of Supreme Court. Al-Samrez Enterprises v. The Federation of Pakistan 1986 SCMR 1917; Government of Bangladesh v. Borhanuddin Ahmed Appeal No. 124 of 1981; 1982 DLR 321, AIR 1969 SC 394; AIR 1970 SC 1970; Cheney v. Conn (Inspector of Taxes) Same Burke and another (1968) 3 All ELR 561; Tofazzal Hossain and aothers v The Province of East Pakistan and others PLD 1963 SC 251; Messrs. Mamukanjan Cotton Factory v. The PUnjab Province and others PLD 1975 SC 50; The State v. Zia-ur-Rehman and others PLD 1973 SC 49; Fauji Foundation and another v. Shamimur Rehman PLD 1983 SC 457; Messrs. Haider Automobile Ltd. v. Pakistan PLD 1979 SC 623 and Mst. Anwar Jehan and 7 others v. Additional Members, Board of Revenue and 2 others 1987 CLC 976. Ref. [1989 ALD 524]

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