1989 PSC 1262




Articles 133 & 136 — Punjab Pre-emption Act (1913),
Section 15 — Right of pre-emption of tenant — Constitutional validity of Section 15 granting such right upheld earlier by Supreme Court — Suit for pre-emption by tenant — Concurrent finding that Plaintiff was adopted son of original tenant and adoptive father was in fact tenant of disputed land — Second appeal filed by purchaser of parcel of land from owners dismissed by High Court in second appeal — Held, that validity of provison could not be assailed in view of Supreme Court decision and the High Court was justified in dismissing appeal and hence there was no substance in appeal. AIR 1986 SC 859 Fol. AIR 1986 SC 859; (1986) I SCR 399. Ref. [1989 PSC 1262]

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