1990 ALD 459




Constitution of Pakistan (1973), Article 54(3) —

Power of Speaker to summon National Assembly is dependent upon requisition submitted to him for the purpose by not less than one-fourth of total members of National assembly — Where said condition had not been fulfilled National Assembly not be summoned by the Speaker.

Constitution of Pakistan (1973), Articles 91(2-a) & 54(1) —

Summoning session of National Assembly no ascertain as to who amongst the members of the National Assembly commanded the confidence of the majority of the members so as to be invited by the President of Pakistan to be the Prime Minister after 20th March, 1990 within the terms of Article 91(2-a) of the Constitution — President of Pakistan has authority under Artile 54(1) to summon either House or both Houses of Parliament at such time and place as he thinks fit — None else, therefore, had such authority and power to summon a session of said Assembly. [1990 ALD 459(1)]

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