1999 SCMR 1457

Per Khalil-ur-Rehman Khan, J.

(a) Constitution of Pakistan(1973), Article 203-F

     —Ss. 10(3) & 11—Constitution ofPakistan(1973), Art. 203-F(2-B)— Appeal of accused having been dismissed by Federal Shariat Court as barred by time by delay of 103 days without going into the merits of the case— Leave to appeal was granted by Supreme Court to accused to afford him an opportunity to present his case on merits. [p. 1459] A

(b) Constitution of Pakistan(1973), Article 203-DD

     Federal Shariat Court (Procedure) Rules, 1981, R. 18—Revisional jurisdiction–Scrutiny in time-barred appeal–Where an appeal is filed under R. 18 of the Federal Shariat Court (Procedure) Rule, 1981 beyond the period of sixty days prescribed in R. 18(1-A) thereof and the Court finds that interest of justice demands examination on merits of the legality or the propriety of the judgment/order passed or conviction and sentence awarded, Federal Shariat Court had the power to hold the scrutiny in exercise of its revisional jurisdiction under Art. 203-DD of the Constitution. [p. 1469] G

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