Areas of Practice

Areas of Legal Expertise :

General Civil Litigation :

The firm is well equipped to handle all civil and commercial litigation including litigation in respect of intellectual property rights and suits for compensation and recovery of monetary loss and damages.

Corporate Law and Conveyancing :

The firm is in a position to provide a full range of corporate and secretarial services including registration of companies and preparation and filing of statutory annual returns with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.  The firm specialises in preparation of franchise and license agreements, property documentation and other contractual arrangements.

The firm is also in a position to provide due diligence services in respect of takeovers, mergers and amalgamation of companies.

Revenue and Custom Laws :

The Firm is also in a position to provide legal services in the area of Customs and Revenue Laws and in particular, in relation to Value Added Tax (VAT), Income Tax and Sales Tax.

Banking Law :

The firm is in a position to provide a full range of legal services in Banking matters including :

 (i)         drafting of bank security documentation and general opinion work on banking laws.

 (ii)        filing legal proceedings for recovery of outstanding loans.

Aviation Law :

The firm specializes in aviation law and can render advice on Aircraft purchase/lease agreements and documents precedent thereto.  The firm has handled litigation in connection with claims with respect to carriage of passengers, cargo and baggage.

Constitutional Law :

The firm has worked closely with Mr. Justice (Retd.) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim, former Attorney General of Pakistan, in connection with several constitutional  petitions. Mr. Zain Sheikh has also assisted the Ministry of Law, as a legal advisor on the Wuller Barrage Dispute with India.

“LAWMAN” Software on Constitutional Cases

Mr. Zain Sheikh of the firm has developed a legal software package entitled “LAWMAN” that provides the user with synopses on all constitutional cases reported in the Pakistan Legal Decisions (PLD).

The programme is a time saving research tool.  Access to cases is by citation, Article of the Constitution and by the name of the case.  Within minutes the programme provides the user with a list of all cases and/or synopsis on any Article of the Constitution from 1949 to 2013.

Website on Constitutional Law

The firm has also developed a website on the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973. The website, in addition to the text of the Constitution, as provided by Government sites, also includes:

Articles of the Constitution & caselaw; Recent Judgments; Comparative Table of the Constitutions of Pakistan and India; Constitutional History; Election Laws; Important P.O.’s & All Amendments; Other Important Laws and Articles on the Constitution published by Zain Sheikh.

Media, Patent, Trade Mark, Service Mark, Domain Name, Copyright and Registered Design Laws :

The firm is also in a position to provide a full range of services in connection with media contracts and registration of trademarks, patents and copyrights owned by companies and individuals including :

–           preparation of agreements for broadcast and transmission of programmes and employment contract with artistes anchors and presenters ;

–           registration of patents, trademarks, copyrights and registered design ;

–           renewal of statutory rights ;

–           opposition and rectification proceedings before the Controller and Registrar ;

–           filling and defending suits for infringement and passing off in respect of intellectual property rights; and

–           opinions on Joint Ventures and Licensing Agreements and drafting  agreements for such ventures.


Filing Requirements for registration of
Intellectual Property in Pakistan

Trade/Service Marks/Domain Name :

i) An application (Form TM-1) with full name, Nationality and business address of the Applicants and specification of goods in detail.

ii) Fifteen (15) specimens of label and word mark (if word is reproduced in special manner) are required for filing with the application for registration, in each class/application. No specimen is required for word mark in ordinary print.

iii)        Period of User (the month and year of first use).

iv) A Power of Authorization (Form TM-48) duly executed by the applicant in our favour. The said Power should be duly Notarized.

Copyrights :

i) An Application (Form-II) for registration of copyright in the copyright work duly executed by the Applicant.

ii) Eight (8) copies of Art work

iii)        A Vakalatnama/Form of Authorization duly executed by or on behalf of the Applicant.

iv) Affidavit in application for registration is made by owner of copyright (other than original Author/Artist).

v) An Affidavit of the Author/Artist of the work. The Affidavit must be filed clearly standing that he was commissioned to do the work and that he has received payment therefore.  And be must further state therein that he claims to interest in the said work.

            In case, the Artist is an employee of an Advertising firm, the said firm would also be required to file an Affidavit wherein it should clearly state that it has received a fee/commission for undertaking the said artwork and that it claims no interest therein.  Please provide the names and addresses of the Advertising Company that prepared the artworks, its Managing Director and the Artist concerned, to enable us to prepare necessary affidavits for execution by the said persons, in their Country.

vi) Publication of Artwork in newspaper. Publication charges to be borne by the Applicant we will provide you with the publication charges.

Patents :

1.        Application on Form P-1, in duplicate;

2.        Power of Authorization in our favour on Form P-28 on a stamp paper of requisite value;

3.        The Application for Complete Specification on Form 3A, in duplicate, that includes:

i- Title of the Patent;

ii- Name of the Applicant(s);

iii- Nationality of the Applicant(s);

iv- Address of the Applicant(s); and

v- A Specification of the Patent, which includes :

    1. Description of invention;
    2. Claims; and Important Information
    3. Conclusion;   from Inventor


4. Drawing of Patent, in duplicate, includes :

i- One original on Butter or tracing paper; and

ii- One on stout paper; and

     (Number of Sheets to be mentioned in upper left hand corner; and

5. Prescribed Fee.


 Industrial Designs :

(i)         An application (Form 15) with full name, Nationality and business address of the Applicant and specification of goods in detail.

(ii)        Representations (Five Sheets) 8 copies of each representation.

(iii)       Affidavit in support of Design Application.

(iv)        A Power of Authority on Form – 31.

(v)         Prescribed fee.

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