Article: 140 Advocate-General for a Province

140.  Advocate-General for a Province.—(1) The Governor of each Province shall appoint a person, being a person qualified to be appointed a Judge of the High Court, to be the Advocate-General for the Province.

(2)  It shall be the duty of the Advocate-General to give advice to the Provincial Government upon such legal matters, and to perform such other duties of a legal character, as may be referred or assigned to him by the Provincial Government.

(3)  The Advocate-General shall hold office during the pleasure of the Governor 1[and shall not engage in private practice so long as he holds the office of the Advocate-General].

(4)  The Advocate-General may, by writing under his hand addressed to the Governor, resign his office.



1. Section 47 of the Constitution (Eighteenth Amendment) Act, 2010 (10 of 2010), added the said  words, after the word “Governor”, occurring at the end of clause (3) of Art. 140, (w.e.f. April 19, 2010).

Comparative Table of Article 140 of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 :
Constitution of Pakistan 1962 :
Constitution of Pakistan 1956 :
Constitution of India 1950:
Government of India Act 1935:

Leading & Latest Cases on Article 140 of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 :


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