Article: 71 Mediation Committee

1[71. Mediation Committee.] Omitted.



1.  Section 24 of the Constitution (Eighteenth Amendment) Act, 2010 (10 of 2010), omitted Art. 71, (w.e.f. April 19, 2010).  Section 10 of the Constitution (Seventeenth Amendment) Act, 2003 (3 of 2003), validated the addition of Art. 71, (w.e.f. December 31, 2003). Item 10 of the Schedule to C.E.O. No. 24 of 2002, added new Art. 71, (w.e.f. August 21, 2002).  Item 17 of the Schedule to P.O. No. 14 of 1985 had substituted a new Art. 70 in place of Arts. 70 and 71 as adopted in 1973, (w.e.f. March 2, 1985).  See footnote _____ on pages _____ & ____.  The Omitted Art. 71, that read :

71. Mediation Committee.—(1) Both Houses of Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) shall, within fifteen days from the date of referral of the Bill by the House in which it was originated for consideration and resolution by the Mediation Committee under clause (2) of Article 70, nominate eight members each as members of a Mediation Committee.

(2)  The House in which the Bill was originated shall nominate a member of the Mediation Committee as Chairman of the Committee and the other House shall nominate a member as the Vice-Chairman thereof.

(3)  All decisions of the Mediation Committee shall be made by a majority of the total number of members of each House in the Committee.

(4) The President may, in consultation with the Speaker of the National Assembly and Chairman of the Senate, make rules for conduct of business of the Mediation Committee.

Comparative Table of Article 71 of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 :
Constitution of Pakistan 1962 :
Constitution of Pakistan 1956 :
Constitution of India 1950:
Government of India Act 1935:


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