IPO Ordinance enactment underway

Islamabad—The legal reforms being carried out for strict compliance of Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) Ordinance, which is at the final stage of its enactment in the Parliament.

Director General IPO-Pakistan Sajjad Ahmed said this while sharing his views during Judges Colloquium, organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) with the assistance of European Union under Trade Related Technical Assistance Programme TRTA, II at Singapore.

He also pointed out the keen interest and personal efforts of Chairman IPO-Pakistan and Member of National Assembly Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi for putting IPO-Pakistan on fast track by taking important policy decisions and providing a guideline to upgrade the standard of services, says a Press Release, received from Singapore here today.

Participants of Judges Colloquium discussed valuable consideration during roundtable sessions and highlighted the provisions for protection of RP Rights in the Judicial System of Pakistan.

They stressed the need for enhancing capacity building initiatives to involve maximum member of Pakistan Judiciary from all over the country which would help to provide legal protection to the right owners.

Different valuable recommendations were made by the speakers and participants, including district and sessions judges from all the provinces of Pakistan, public prosecutors and IP attorneys while describing Pakistan Penal Court, Custom Act and other relevant laws of Pakistan with regard to protection of IP rights in the country.

IP Attorney Muhammad Majid Bashir, Judge Lee Seiu Kin, L.T.C. Harms, former Deputy President, Supreme Court of Appeal; South Africa Louis Director WIPO, Judge of Consumer Court Rawalpindi Sohail Nasir and Uzma Chughtaai Judge Child Protection Court, Lahore, Faheem Siddique Member Inspection Team, Registrar Sindh High Court, Rashida Asad , Abdul Sattar Member Inspection Team Lahore High Court, Mr. MuhammadAyub Khan District and Session Judge Peshawar High Court enthusiastically participated in routable sessions and focused on legal procedure to be adopted for protection of IP Rights.

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