P L D 1966 DACCA 1




(a) Constitution of Pakistan (1962) Art. 77
Constitution of Pakistan (1973) Art. 116

Constitution of Pakistan (1956), Art. 90—“Governor…..shall within 90 days”—Period of 90 days to commence from date of presentation and not from date of passing of Bill—East Pakistan Anti-Corruption Act (XXVI of 1957)—Constitution of Pakistan (1962) Art. 77. [p. 14] E(b) Constitution of Pakistan (1962) Art. 6(4)
Constitution of Pakistan (1973) Art. 12

East Pakistan Anti-Corruption Act (XXVI of 1957), Ss. 4 & 5—Provisions neither retrospective nor void on ground of being ex post facto legislation—Constitution of Pakistan (1962) Art. 6, Fundamental Right No. 4.

It is true that if any legislation is inconsistent with the right conferred by the Fundamental Right No. 4 of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1962, it will be void to the extent of repugnancy by reason of Article 6 of the Constitution. However, the provisions of sections 4 and 5 of the East Pakistan Anti-Corruption Act, 1957 are neither retrospective in operation nor void on ground of being ex post facto legislation. [p. 14] F

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