P L D 1968 SC 313


(a) Constitution of Pakistan (1962) Art. 131(2)
Constitution of Pakistan (1973) Art. 141 & 142

Art. 30(1),(4),(8) read with Art. 131(2) and Third Schedule—Proclamation of Emergency under Art. 30(1)—President may issue Ordinance under Art. 30(4) read with sub-cl. (8) and Art. 131(2) with respect to any matter not enumerated in Third Schedule. [p 328] O(b) Constitution of Pakistan (1962) Art. 6(2)
Constitution of Pakistan (1973) Art. 10

Read with Art. 30 (9)—Defence of Pakistan Ordinance (XXIII of 1965)—Validity of Ordinance cannot be questioned on basis of Art. 6(2) in view of President having suspended certain Fundamental Rights under Art. 30(9)—[Khair Muhammad Khan v. The State P L D 1966 S C 604 considered]. [p. 329] P

(c) Constitution of Pakistan (1962) Art. 143
Constitution of Pakistan (1973) Art. 146

Defence of Pakistan Ordinance (XXIII if 1965), S. 3 (4), (5) read with Constitution of Pakistan (1962), Art. 143—Delegation of Powers, under S. 3 (4), (5) to Provincial Government, and, then, by such Government to Deputy Commissioner—Not invalid—Principle delegatus non potest delegare not applicable—[Ghulam Jilani v. The Government of West Pakistan P L D 1967 S C 373 ref.] [p. 330] R

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