P L D 1991 SC 412




Per Muhammad Afzal Zullah, C.J.

Constitution of Pakistan (1973), Articles 31, 34, 37 & 38:

Articles 31, 34, 37 & 38 — Protection of illiterate poor women in rural society and promotion of social justice and eradication of social evils in rural areas in accordance with tenets of Islam — Supreme Court emphasised the extreme urgency of taking immediate measures and initiating social plift programmes in rural areas to ameliorate the miserable plight of the poor illiterate classes of people living there especially of their womenfolk in the light of Islamic Injunctions and invited the attention of the major women organisation of the cousntry to this challenging problem and suggested various measures that could be taken in this behalf in collaboration with local Bar Assocaitions whose most members had live contacts with rural
community and, for that reason, were fully aware of its needs and problems especially faced by its female population — Court in this connection suggested for establishment of the statutory committees comprised of reprsentatives of the women organisations, local Bar Associations and persons representing education, labour, social welfare and Revenue Departments of the Government to pinpoint the evils prevailing in the rural
population and actual and prospective infringement of their rights — Said evils thus may be attempted to be removed by said statutory committees and such programme may be accomplished through legislative measures — Supreme Court also invited attention to similar observations and suggestions made by it on earlier occasions in different cases. [p. 419]F

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