P L D 1997 KARACHI 309

Per Ali Muhammad Baloch, J.

(a) Constitution of Pakistan (1973) Art. 199,11,14 & 2A–

Constitutional petition–Fundamental Rights, protection of–Petitioner, a lady, apprehended her sale by her father for a consideration of Rs. 1,00,000 who was indebted to a Zamindar and she having been married to a minor wanted to approach the Family Court for getting her unlawful marriage dissolved– Petitioner, however, apprehended here abduction by her father in collusion with the influential persons of the area and certain police officers and she approached the High Court for protection seeking necessary restraint orders –Articles 11 & 14 of the Constitution had prohibited slavery and trafficking in human being making their dignity inviolable– Dignity and liberty had been bestowed upon every human being by God Almighty and all the organs of the State had been charged to adopt Islamic way of life by induction of Art. 2A in the Constitution which has adopted the Objectives Resolution as its substantive part–Apprehensions of the petitioner being genuine, High Court involving its powers under the Constitution for protection of fundamental rights ordered for providing her protection and ensuring her safe passage to the concerned Family Court– Police Officers of the District were also restrained from harassing the petitioner in any manner whatsoever–Constitutional petition was disposed of accordingly. (p. 310) A, B & C

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