P L D 2008 SC 178


Per Abdul Hameed Dogar, C.J.
Constitution of Pakistan (1973) Arts. 270AAA(3),89(2) & 128(2)–

In our view, the Ordinances promulgated and legislative measures taken by the President, or as the case may be, by the Governor, which were in force at the time of, or during the period for which the Proclamation of Emergency of 3rd November, 2007 held the field, would continue to be in force by virtue of the Provisional Constitution Order, 2007, read with Article 270AA(3) of the Constitution, until altered, repealed or amended by the appropriate legislature. There would be no question of expiry of these Ordinance in terms of Article 89(2), or as the case may be, under Article 128(2) of the Constitution. [p. 294]II

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