P L D 2009 SC 284

Constitution ofPakistan(1973) Arts. 62, 63, 185(3) & 199–
r/w Representation of the People Act (LXXXV of 1976) S. 99(f)(g) & 14(5-A)–

It is intresting to note that Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, in whole of the proceedings during the hearing of election petitions, petition filed under section 14(5-A) of the Act, Writ Petitions in the High Court and C.P.L.S., thereafter in this Court has not appeared to defend his qualifications and disqualifications, allegations and incriminating attributions, levelled against him by his contesting candidates in the election.  From the above noted narration, an inference is easily deducible that Mian Muhammad Nawqaz Sharif has either got nothing to say in his defence or is shy of and nervous to face the case and its consequence or does not want to become a candidate, after the submission of nomination papers in the by-election, otherwise he would have contested the stigma of disqualification ascribed and attributed to him. [p. 305] A

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