–Proclamation of Martial Law (Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary, Part I, 5th of July, 1977)

Proclamation of Martial Law

[Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary, Part I, 5th July, 1977.]

Whereas, I, General Muhammad Zia- ul- Haq, Chief of the Army Staff have proclaimed Martial Law throughout Pakistan and assumed the office of Chief Martial Law Administrator, hereby order and proclaim as follows:

(a) the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan shall remain in abeyance;

(b) the National Assembly, the Senate and the Provincial Assemblies, shall stand dissolved;

(c) the Prime Minister, the Federal Ministers, Ministers of State, Advisers to the Prime Minister, the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and the Provincial Assemblies, the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Senate, the Provincial Governors, the Provincial Chief Ministers and the Provincial Ministers shall cease to hold office;

(d) the President of Pakistan shall continue in office; and

(e) the whole of Pakistan will come under Martial Law.

One comment

  1. It was the Black Day for Pakistan.

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